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Not only do we have a growing roster of officially signed artists. We also offer career consultation and support to any independent artist wanting or needing that little something extra. Tabletop Records, LLC will work with you to create a custom consultation plan that is flexible and affordable.
When Tabletop Records, LLC was created in 2015, Marcellus and Rafael Atkins took a long, hard look at what most independent labels were offering the music industry. What they found was most labels carried a few artists distributed on major music outlets like iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. These labels typically helped to secure radio airplay, performance/media opportunities, and some level of social media promotion for the artists signed to them. In some cases, the label offered single song contracts; in other cases, the label owned a percentage of the entire artist’s revenue stream. All in all, the Atkins Brothers saw that most independent labels were doing their best to find, support, and promote quality artists they believed would experience a level of music industry success worldwide.
What the brothers did NOT see was a conscious effort made by indie record labels to educate and empower their artists to build a brand around their musical body of work. What the Marcellus and Rafael did NOT see were labels offering opportunities to help “the industry” and not only those artists fortunate enough to be chosen for label representation. What they did NOT see were labels making themselves available to help all artists instead of cherry picking those that would bring in the most profits. These unseen things led to the birth of Tabletop Records, LLC, a company focused on assisting every indie artist in the pursuit of their music careers.
Let’s face it, there is no way for any record label to sign every single interesting band or musician that they come across. There are millions of musically talented people in this world and the technological advances of the past 5 years have literally opened the industry floodgates for high quality original music. An independent artist in today’s market can write, produce, package, and distribute their music quickly and inexpensively to the entire planet. The world wide web allows international networking with other indie artists and industry professionals in the blink of an eye. A record label that focuses entirely on the roster that they build is a record label that not only limits its potential, but ignores the greater needs of the current market. The needs in question are artist development and career coaching. This is where Tabletop Records, LLC stands apart.
As a consulting client you will receive valuable tools and guidance to get your career to the next level in areas such as, recording, songwriting, social media, branding, fan generation and retention and much more. Whether you are brand new to the music industry and have no idea what first steps to take, or you are a veteran to the game with years of experience and thousands of fans. Our years of industry experience and ever growing network of influential personalities will help guide you forward to greater success.
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