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From an early age growing up in Portland, Oregon, Spencer Breidenbach knew instinctively that music was going to be an integral part of his life. His earliest influences at a kid, remarkably, were his neighbors across the street—a husband/wife team known to fans as 80s freestyle duo Nu Shooz.

“What really made me want to be a musician in the first place was John [Smith] from Nu Shooz,” he says. “He was just the coolest neighbor. I would come over and he would play instruments for me, and I remember one time, my bike tire popped right in front of his house, and he came out and fixed it. I thought, ‘That’s what musicians are like. I want to be a musician.’…He and Valerie [Day] were really nice. They would always be playing, always be singing, there would always be music coming from their house.”

Spencer grew up learning a number of instruments, including piano, bass, guitar and drums, but as a teenager, he honed his interest in electronic music. “Getting to electronic music at around 15 years old, I understood that this is how people were going to be making music,” he says. “At least the majority of the music was going to be going through this medium, and I’d be selling myself short if I didn’t explore that and really learn how to utilize it.”

Spencer also hopes his training will enable him to produce, engineer, and write music for major artists. “I would say my main goal is to be developed as an engineer and producer and write music for the big names, try to get my foot in the door to where I can write for people like Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, names that have leverage, so that I wouldn’t have to be on stage as much, so that I can actually focus on writing and recording my demos, and just get my music out there. License syncing, stuff like that, but definitely work in a studio environment. I just feel right at home doing that…I’m really confident that I can do this, and hopefully make a living at it someday.”

Spencer released his first single, “Champions” with up and coming indie label Tabletop Records in August of 2018. This powerhouse rock anthem is sure to put Spencer on the music industry map as it speaks a message of empowerment to all generations and people from all walks of life.


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