Marcellus Atkins – CEO

“Music is a medicine that the heart cannot do without.”

Marcellus Atkins is a multi-talented arranger/songwriter with over 25  years experience as an independent artist and band leader. As a child, Marcellus taught himself to play keyboards, drums, woodwind instruments, and bass guitar. He has decades of experience in computer design and project management and his ability to team build makes him a powerful asset for those seeking success in the music industry.

“The only person who can cause you to fail is you.” – Marcellus


Rafael Atkins – Senior Vice President

“In the caverns of life there are diamonds to be found, polished, and shown to the world!”

Rafael Atkins has been a part of several  successful  business  ventures and powerful network alliances.   From real estate companies, a consulting firm, recording studio owner, production company owner and an artist himself, he has partnered up and has expanded Internationally with the birth of Tabletop Records, LLC. With over 20 years experience  in the music industry specifically, he is bringing an innovative approach to artist’s development and promotion of product that is undoubtedly set to successfully launch many careers.  

“I am blessed to be a part of such a fulfilling venture and am committed to be a vine that leads to our artist’s success!” – Rafael 


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